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Rory: If the house was burning down, what would you save first, the cake or me?
Lorelai: Not fair! The cake doesn’t have legs!

BOOM - Fall 2014 | TNT - The Librarians

"What’s this?" “Change of address.”
"For who?" "Me."


two deer walk out of a gay bar, one turns to the other and says “man, i can’t believe i blew thirty bucks in there”.

  • me: i don't even care. i'm not going to talk about this anymore.
  • ...
  • me: and you know what else? [2000 word rant]
  • Gemma Arterton for Madame Figaro Magazine (August 2014)

    Yet one of the most entertaining responses to her decision to do the sexiest shoot of her career came from a highly unlikely source.

    "Let me read you what my grandmother wrote to me," she says. “‘Dear Gillian, I was very, very sorry to hear that you’ve run out of clothing. Maybe I should send you some money so you can buy a dress or two. I am going to plant a couple of fig trees so that in the future we will have plenty of fig leaves to cover you if you ever run out of clothing again. Loving you very much, but wondering why you stripped…’" [x]